GNMP Graduate Spreads the May 18 Spirit

Stephie Melina Kabre is a graduate of Global NGO Master’s Program (GNMP), jointly managed by the May 18 Memorial Foundation and the May 18 Institute of the Chonnam National University, Gwangju. Between 2016 and 2018 she pursued the program which is designed for human rights and civil society/NGO activists. She is now back to her country, Burkina Faso.

While studying in Gwangju, she got immersed with the May 18 Spirit as well as with various activities related to human rights and democracy. Upon returning to her home country, she continues to spread the pro-democratic Spirit.

Recently, she has delivered a presentation on the Gwangju Uprising to the university students pursuing international relations in Burkina Faso.

Here is a short summary written by her:

In my journey to spread the May 18 spirit in Burkina Faso, I have been invited by the Diplomacy department at Université Libre du Burkina to give a presentation for their international relationship class with Mr. Koalaga Paul.

Students were highly impressed about the May 18 especially the Spirit of solidarity and the unity among the Citizens. The debate was centered around the qualifications of the May as non-violent but finally the students agreed with me that defending oneself and protecting one’s life is not violence.

Anyway, the journey is not yet over, cause of the Spirit has more to teach and is worth learning from.

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