The Latest Issue Of Volume 13 Mayzine is Out!

The International Affairs Departmentreleased Volume 13 of Mayzine.

The latest issue of Mayzine features highlights of the 2019 Gwangju Asia Forum, the awarding ceremony of the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights winner Joanna Cariño (Philippines) and Special Prize winner Dialita (Indonesia), the 2019 Gwangju Declaration, reflections by Gwangju Asia Forum speakers and attendees, speeches of both GPHR and SP laureates, and an exclusive interview with the Ms. Cariño about her struggle for indigenous peoples’ rights in the Northern region of the Philippines.

The main theme of 2019 Gwangju Asia Forumwas “Genocide and Refugees: State Violence and State Responsibility to ProtectIts People”. Besides, under the central theme, these sub-themes were discussed,1. State Responsibility- Laws, Perception and Practice: Overcoming Discrimination and Hatred; 2. Responsibility for the May 18 Massacre andTruth-finding – The Incomplete Process; 3. Unfinished Mission-Righting Past Injustice: Outcomes and Prospects (I); 4. Unfinished Mission-Righting Past Injustice: Outcomes and Prospects (II).

Lastly, this Mayzine covers the recent and upcoming events of the Foundation: The 39th May 18 Europe Commemoration Ceremony held in Germany, the appointment of Mr. Shahnawaz (Pakistan) as the Foundation’s International Staff Member, and a sneak-peek into the 2019 May18 Academy, which will be held from August 23 to September 3.

You can browse the Mayzine through this link:

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