The May 18 Academy

may 18 academy

Since its inception in 2004, the May 18 Academy aims to invigorate the May 18 Spirit and provide a valuable opportunity to share experiences among activists in solidarity.

The aim of the May 18 Academy is to introduce participants to Korean History and a variety of democratic movements in Korea, including the May 18 Democratic Uprising in 1980, through theoretical and practical experiences. Participants engage with the modern history of human rights and democracy through a 2-week program of field trips to historical sites, visits to Korean civil society organizations, and lectures from esteemed experts and activists.

2018 academy

The May 18 Academy is usually held for two weeks in September in the cities of Seoul, Gwangju, and Jeju. Around twenty participants from Asia, Africa, and Europe attend the event.

List of 2018 May 18 Academy Participants


Name Country
1 Ayan Rahman Khan Bangladesh
2 Rosmina Marice Ribka Windesi Indonesia
3 Tika Dhoj Bhandari Nepal
4 Anthony Savaya Croos Sri Lanka
5 Chung Lun Lee Malaysia
6 Ann Siang Teo Malaysia
7 Fatima Al-khadire Jordan
8 Lydia Mawarni Indonesia
9 Houin Martine Pamela Burkina Faso
10 Mst Tamjida Khatun Simu Bangladesh
11 Vanndy Buth Cambodia
12 Viengnakhone Xaythongdeth Laos
13 Dipendra Kumar Lal Das Nepal
14 Alingwi Ntamira Bali Jean de Dieu Congo
15 Sharmin Subrina Bangladesh
16 Djemis Jean Elvis Ghislain Côte d’Ivoire
17 Saima Gull Pakistan
18 Aip Saifullah Indonesia
19 Elma Demir Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 Evelyn Vandhana Sri Lanka