Gwangju Asia Forum

The Gwangju Asia Forum is another important event organized by the May 18 Memorial Foundation to provide a unique platform for exchanging and networking with democracy and human rights activists in Asia. The ‘Gwangju Asia Forum’ takes place in May every year to bring together activists from Asia to discuss pertinent issues of human rights and democracy. The program has started since 2010.

The Gwangju Asia Forum aims to strengthen international solidarity between domestic and foreign activists working for democracy, human rights and peace. During the program, the participants have the opportunity to participate in the official ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the May 18 Democratic Movement and pray for the victims souls to rest in peace. The participants will also attend the award ceremony of the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights.

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About May 18 Memorial Foundation

The May 18 Memorial Foundation (also written as 5·18 Memorial Foundation) is a non-profit organization established in 1994 to commemorate the 1980 Gwangju Uprising by continuing the Uprising’s spirit of struggle and extending solidarity with the struggles of democracy and human rights throughout the world. The Foundation carries out numerous projects in various fields, including organizing memorial events, establishing scholarships, fostering researches, publishing materials, dispensing funds, building international solidarity, and awarding the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights.

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