Congratulations to GNMP Cohort 2017 for Successfully Completion their Graduation

Ms Lee Suk Pei from Malaysia and Mia Rosmiati from Indonesia

Recently the GNMP Chorot 2017/18 have completed their Master’s Degree in August 2019. The Two Students Ms Lee Suk Pei from Malaysia and Mia Rosmiati from Indonesia completed their graduation from the Chonnam National University. The May 18 Memorial Foundation warmly congratulate them and wish them best of luck for their great future ahead and extending its support for their activism in the field of human rights, democratisation and peacebuilding efforts in their countries. Let’s keep spreading and standing with the May 18 Spirit where ever you and live.

GNMP Ms Lee Suk Pei from Malaysia and Mia Rosmiati from Indonesia

The GNMP program started in 2016 and it is a theoretical and practical educational platform for international sharing and expanding of the spirit and experiences of MAY 18 Gwangju Civilian Movement on site. The GNMP works closely with the May 18 Memorial Foundation in Gwangju, the official body commemorating the democratic struggle in Gwangju on May 18, 1980, and the students have an excellent chance to know and trace the spirit and history of democracy movement of Korea. We aim at strengthening democratic civil society through NGO workers’ global networking and solidarity across borders. For this purpose, the program provides foreign students with an excellent scholarship opportunity and a living stipend.

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