The May 18 Memorial Foundation Welcomes New GNMP Cohort 2019

GNMP Cohort 2019 Ms Chan Hoi Yee from Hong Kong, Mr Md Omar Farok from Bangladesh and Fatima from Jordan

The May 18 Memorial Foundation under commitment of the May 18 capacity-building project annually offering highly generous education scholarship to young human right activist all around the world. This year three young human right activists have selected in this multidisciplinary course known as Global NGO Master’s Program (GNMP) is a master’s degree offered by the May 18 Institute at the Chonnam National University in Gwangju, with a full scholarship granted by the May 18 Memorial Foundation. It is a four-semester two-year program. The GNMP is intended for the people who have been contributing or have the potential to contribute to leading social progress in Asia-Africa.

The new GNMP students are Ms Fatima Mohammad from Jordan, Mr Md Omar Farok from Bangladesh and Ms Chan Hoi Yee from Hong Kong for year 2019/2020 to the beginning of the fall semester and this Master course will complete in two years.
In their first visit, the Foundation team organised a short orientation to the newcomers. They interacted with the team members of the Foundation, including Secretary-General Mr Lee Gibong and Director of the International Affairs Department Ms.You Inrae. They also made a short tour of the different departments of the Foundation.

Group Photo: GNMP Students 2017-2018 and 2019

The GNMP capacity building program was started in 2016 as a theoretical and practical educational platform for international sharing and expanding of the Spirit and experiences of the May 18 Gwangju Civilian Movement on site. The GNMP works closely with the May 18 Memorial Foundation in Gwangju, the official body commemorating the democratic struggle in Gwangju on May 18, 1980, and the students have an excellent chance to know and trace the May 18 Spirit and history of democracy movement of Korea. For this purpose, the program provides the foreign students with a generous scholarship opportunity, capacity building workshops, local internships and a living stipend.

The two batches of GNMP have completed their graduation and now actively contributing to field human rights, democratisation and peacebuilding efforts in their respective countries. Currently, the program has seven students from Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Jordan and Hong Kong.

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